The Government is Responsible for Water Problem

Kurnool: YSRCP MLA of
Kurnool SV Mohan Reddy observed the water capacity of Sunkesula barrage. He was
informed by officials that there was a chance for provision of drinking water to
the people from Sunkesula for only three months. The collector had been
informed earlier about the impending drinking water problem but he had ordered
for release of 4000 Cusecs of water for irrigation. The farmers had been asked
not to go with sowing for new crop but they ignored it. So providing them
irrigation water at the cost of people not having drinking water was saddening,
Mohan Reddy mentioned.

mentioned that 7 lakh residents of Kurnool now were going to face drinking water
scarcity due to the Government’s wrong decision. Lack of drinking water was
certain if it did not rain within three months, told a concerned Mohan Reddy. He
remarked that the Government was answerable if drinking water was at stake.
Mohan Reddy informed that he would meet Telangana minister Harish Rao and
discuss and stop the ongoing seize of water. He mentioned that Sunkesula was
supposed to receive 1 TMC of water from Tungabhadra and stated that he would
demand the minister to take necessary steps.

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