Is this Government or a Private Company?

  • YS Jagan chitchats with the media
  • He questions who gave Government the authority to use public deposits
  • Will the opposition not be given minimum time in the house?
  •  Hyderabad: YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan commented that the state Government had tampered numbers in the budget and that was why it had not presented the accounts of 2014-15 year. After the assembly got adjourned, he chitchatted with the media in the lobby. On this occasion, he remarked that the Government was unlawfully using public deposits. He questioned hoe the Government had the right to use the deposits beyond FRBM (Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management) limits. He added that Chandrababu’s Government had borrowed 8% while FRBM regulations allowed only up to 3% utilization.

     YS Jagan questioned if this was Government or a private company. He slammed not assembling the session for 1 hour 30 minutes after postponing it for 10 minutes. He questioned the reasonability of granting only 30 minutes to the opposition to speak over the budget. He complained that YSRCP were not given a chance to speak though they were ready.

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