The Government Indifferent To People’s Problems

  • Constitution slaughtered by
  • Failure in preventing drinking water
  • Enticement of MLAs neglecting people’s
  • Party defection issue to the notice
    of the PM, the president and the EC
  • Protest against the atrocious
  • Protest with empty water pots on the
    25th of this month
  • Candlelight vigil on the 2nd
    of May in districts’ headquarters

Hyderabad: Senior leader of YSR
Congress party and ex.minister Parthsarathy criticised the negligence shown by
the state Government towards drought, while the people of the state were succumbing
to the hot sun. He commented that the present situation of drought and drinking
water scarcity had come only due to the Government’s not taking preventive
action. He further stated that the TDP Government laid more concentration on
buying opposition party MLAs rather than on the lack of drinking water and irrigation
water in the state.

Parthasarathy criticised the
Government for not coming forward to bring projects and funds from the central
Government that would permanently solve the problem of water scarcity and for
encouraging party defection, thereby slaughtering the constitution. He
expressed his agony towards the increased number of cattle deaths in the state.
He reminded how late CM Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy gave away cattle for free to the
poor at the time of drought under ‘Pasu Kranthi’ scheme. He slammed Babu for
his inability to provide at least drinking water to the cattle.

Parthasarathy ridiculed Chandrababu’s
spending crores of rupees on supply of Heritage buttermilk in order to control
sun stroke and fight heat. He stated that it was shameful for Babu to not be
concerned about drought, while the Governments of drought states were arranging
for water through trains.

Parthasarathy revealed that a
candlelight vigil would be conducted at the headquarters of all the districts
of the state with the name of ‘Save Democracy’ to protest against CM
Chandrababu Naidu’s direct support to defectors and decoying opposition party
MLAs with crores of rupees. He also informed that protests would be held with
empty water pots in all mandals on the 2nd of May against the negligence
of the state Government towards drought.

TDP’s failure in
solving drinking water scarcity: YSRCP general secretary Anantha

The state general secretary of YSR
Congress Party, Anantha Ramireddy commented that the TDP Government had failed
to solve the problem of drinking water scarcity. He mentioned that the MLAs,
MPs and MLCs of YSRCP together would soon take the issue of party defection to
the notice of the Prime Minister, the president of India and the EC. Anantha
described buying MLAs with corrupt money as an unethical act. He slammed the
Government for not yet paying the compensation for the last year’s crop loss.
He reminded that the Supreme Court also had ordered for release of funds under
employment guarantee scheme. Anantha complained that the funds sanctioned by
the central Government were also being shared among the activists of TDP.

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