The Government Is Ignoring Merged Mandals

East Godavari:

Ramchodavaram MLA Vanthala Rajeswari suggested that offiicials should beware of the threat of flood in the merged mandals. She informed that Etapaka, Koonavaram, VR Puram and Chinturu mandals were at the verge of being flooded due to the high intensity flow of Godavari and Sabari rivers and suggested the officials to move people of those areas to safer places in time.

Rajeswari slammed the Government for not appointing officials to review flood situation till now. She reminded that the united AP Government used to appoint sectoral officials much before the time of floods and take preventive measures and criticised that the merged mandals were being ignored by the new Government. She questioned how the Government was planning to rescue people without even arranging for boats till now.

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