A Government Filled With Tyranny And Corruption

  • People suffering with drought
  • Rulers indifferent to people
  • Chandrababu's atrocious rule in AP
  • Time passed with robbery and publicity: Bhumana
Hyderabad: YSRCP's general secretary Bhumana Karunakar Reddy complained that Chandrababu had been passing time with his publicity craze, leaving the state to suffer. Speaking to the media at the party's central office, he commented that Chandrababu could spend 12 days on pushkarams, but could hardly spend five days on assembly sessions where the problems of the people could be discussed. He suggested that Chandrababu should invite all the prominent personalities in the country just as he had invited them to the pushkarams, so that they could watch and know how atrocious his rule was.
Here is what he spoke.
  • Chandrababu's Government focuses on publicity alone.
  • The state that is 65% agriculture-based has been suffering due to drought since three years.
  • The Government is indifferent towards drought.
  • Rice fields in Godavari districts and peanut fields in Rayalaseema are suffering due to lack of irrigation water.
  • Babu is shameless to ignore crop holiday announced by the farmers.
  • Drinking water scarcity in the state is worse than in summers.
  • Babu could spend 12 days on pushkarams but could not spend at least 5 days on assembly sessions that would allow discussion on people's problems.
  • AP has become notorious for having the Govenment with high degree of corruption and that had abused women the most.
  • Babu's Government has become tyrannical and corrupt to the core.
  • Is Babu there just to invite political veterans to events like pushkarams?
  • Let him invite all those prominent leaders to assembly sessions, so that they can directly watch and learn how atrocious Babu's rule is and how he shuts other voices.
  • What has happened to the promise made by Babu about constructing the most beautiful city in the world?
  • Anna Hazare should be invited to expose what is really going on in the capital city.
  • All representatives of women's veterans should be invited to see how woman empowerment is being made possible in the state through physical abuse of woman officers and Call Money sex racket.
  • Medha Patkar should be invited to see how 550 SC,ST,BC hostels have been shut down and how corrupt money is flowing in place of water in Pattiseema.
  • Chandrababu will also publicise 'Utti' programme of Krishnashtami festival.
  • Babu does not question the Government about the injustice being done to Polavaram project.
  • Integration of rivers Krishna-Godavari, Nagawali-Vamsadhara, Godavari-Penna was promised but never happened.
  • Liquor is flowing throughout the state.
  • People are being forced to enjoy the integration of liquor and river water instead.
  • What has happened to Babu's promise about implementing Swaminathan committee's recommendations?
  • Swaminathan committee should be invited to see the situation of farmers in the state.
  • Assembly sessions do not even happen for 25 days a year under the rule of this incompetent Government.
  • The leader of opposition YS Jagan is hindered from speaking in the assembly about people's problems.
  • Babu explouts for his publicity the pushkarams of rivers Krishna and Godavari, groundbreaking of Amaravathi and Sindhu's felicitation.
  • Why is Babu staying indifferent to the promised development of Rayalaseema?
  • Why is he silent about drought?
  • Only yellow leaders are benefited from Babu's rule.
  • YSRCP shall fight against the atrocious rule relentlessly.
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