Government failed completely in resolving peoples problems

Khammam: The YSRCP MLA Payam Venkateswarlu fired the
government for its failure to support the minimum requirements and
infrastructure to the problems faced by people. The late chief minister YS
Reddy gave housing and land was allotted to poor but the government is not
allotting land for the assigned and causing inconvenience to the poor. He fired
on the government for the disrespect of government on women, farmers and other
poor people. He mentioned that Khammam district has not gained anything by the
formation of this new State. Venkateswarulu stated that people should identify
the governments disrespect and attitude towards injustice.

Payam Venkateswarulu stated that there are many
issues which are piled up since long. He stated that the TRS government is just
neglecting the farmers without even supporting the farmers with water for
harvesting though the project was already initiated by the late YS Rajashekhar
Reddy who allotted funds for providing water for Khammam district. Governmnent
has failed in providing the right price for the crop as well as stopping the
suicides of farmers, said Payam. He commented that the government has just
allotted lands for 5 to 10 dalits and left the issues aside. He also mentioned
that Government is not taking the problems faced by AASA, workers critically. 

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