Government Doctors Should Reform

Nellore: Nellore Rural constituency's MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy warned the doctors who took salaries from the Government and worked at corporate hospitals. He conducted inspection at the Government hospital in S.Durgamitta on Monday. Medical college teaching hospital development committee chairman Chatla Narasimharao, principal Dr.Ravi Prabhu, superintendent Dr.Bharathi and other doctors assembled in the meeting held by the MLA. Speaking in the meeting, he questioned how the doctors were practising outside during working hours of the hospital. Superintendent informed him about the malfunctioning of the net and the mismatch happening with doctors' names. But the MLA furiously exclaimed that the problem of the internet could be solved in a day. He warned that he would come for inspection again and the bio-metric system should be functioning by then. He also cautioned that the doctors working at corporate hospitals would be caught red-handed.

Kotamreddy inquired about the attendance of sanitary personnel. He informed that the Government spent Rs.28 lakh for sanitation. He also inquired about the logs maintained for catching animals like pigs, dogs and rats. He suggested that if doctors maintained punctuality, they would not face any negative remarks. Kotamreddy mentioned that the patients who came to the Government hospital would be much below the poverty line and they had to be given good quality treatment. He also suggested that the post mortem tests done in case of road accidents should be fastened and reports and bodies should be submitted faster.

Hospital chairman Chatla Narasimharao invited the MLA by decorating him with a scarf. Corporator Bobbala Srinivas Yadav and YSRCP district official spokesman Srikanth Reddy, city president Thati Venkateswara Rao, Parvathala Srinivasulu and deputy superintendent Dr. Srinivas participated in the event.

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