Government discarded the promises

Protesting against the
government anti-people policies on 23rd and 24th

The YSRCP Telangana President, MP Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy, on behalf of the
people initiated hunger strike against the TRS regime. Against the negligence
by the State government towards the promises made during elections, this month
23rd and 24th Ponguleti will be fasting in the district headquarter, informed
the party leaders Akula Murthy, Mudireddy Niranjan Reddy, Venkateswarulu.

The YSRCP leaders bruised in anger on KCR
for leaving all the promises made. Though the daily commodities price has
increased and reaching the sky, government has completely failed in controlling
the prices.  The leaders commented that the program of giving land to
Dalit is only limited to papers. They questioned the government about the
possibility of adjusting the 400 homes for poor among the Viera Assembly

The YSRCP leaders demanded the Dummugudem project to be
completed quickly to provide water for the 6 million acres of land connecting
the singabhupalem, Viera, Paleru and so on. They
requested the people to support the initiative taken by the YSRCP MP Ponguleti
Srinivas Reddy to protest against the government's regime.

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