The Government Is Answerable

  • Huge support for Amarnath's protest
  • Fury towards TDP and BJP for ignoring their promises
  • Visakhapatnam:

     YSRCP MLC Kolagatla Veerabhadra Swamy criticized that Chandrababu was mortgaging the benefits of the state for his selfish means. He condemned Chandrababu's negligence towards bringing pressure on the central Government regarding the promises mentioned in the bifurcation law. He stated that the people of the state had awaited the announcement of the special railway zone for Visakhapatnam as per the promises made at the time of elections. But the Governments of TDP and BJP had ignored the promises they had made after coming into power, he exclaimed. Kolagatla informed that his party had reminded the central Goverment about the promises as a dutiful opposition party. He mentioned how Gudivada Amarnath, the president of Visakhapatnam YSRCP, had also demanded for the centre's response regarding the special railway zone before Ambedkar Jayanti. Who added that Amarnath had finally sat down for indefinite hunger strike risking his health due to the unresponsiveness of the Government.
    Kolagatla warned that the central Goverment and state Goverment were responsible if Amarnath's health went wrong. He announced that he would sit in support of Amarnath on one of the days as a protest for the railway zone on behalf of Vijayanagaram district. Kolagatla opined that if the railway zone was accomplished, there would be better transportation facilities for goods, thereby improving the possibility of development of business sector. He also explained that employment opportunities would improve.

    The future is ours
    Karanam Dharmasri prayed for the blessings of Lord Apanna of Simhadri, Lord Venkateswara Swamy of Tirupati, Lord malleswara Swamy of Srisailam and Lord Rama of Bhadrachalam towards the success of Gudivada Amarnath in his agitation. He acclaimed the fight performed by YSRCP president YS Jagan against the cunning politics of the TDP government. He stated that the future was YSRCP's and called for going forward hand in hand fighting for and achieving the railway zone.
    Dharmasri thanked everybody who extended their support for Amarnath's agitation. GVMC Recognition Union had expressed its support to the movement. The union leaders had announced that they would sit with Amarnath in support of his protest on one of the days.

    We shall consolidate the leadership of YS Jagan

    YSRCP's BC cell president Dharmana Krishna Das mentioned that the Governments at the state and the centre had neglected to realise the promises they had made at the time of bifurcation. He acclaimed leader of opposition YS Jagan for fighting on behalf of people at a number of occasions to overcome the inefficiency of the Government. Dharmana stated that the people of AP were proud of Gudiwada Amarnath for taking the responsibility of representing the people's hope for the announcement of the railway zone to make the Government realise their inefficiency and neglegence. He appreciated Gudiwada Amarnath and wished that he continued to keep up the good work of Gudiwada Gurnatha Rao in fighting against the problems of the people in the district. Dharmana declared that they would work under the leadership of YS Jagan in view of consolidating the protest.

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