The Government Is Accountable For The Demolition Of Temples

  • Demolition of temples to save TDP leaders' assets
  • Nani has to keep his mouth under control: Parthsarathy
Hyderabad: YSRCP's official spokesman Parthasarathy slammed the demolition of temples in the name of development on behalf of YSRCP. He condemned the ruling party for demolishing Lord Krishna's temple in order to save the properties of TDP leaders and held Chandrababu responsible for this. He called TDP MP Nani insensitive about the atrocious act and cautioned him to keep his mouth under control.
Parthasarathy remarked that the TDP leaders had grown the habit of insulting weaker sections with their statements. He reminded Chandrababu's statement that nobody would want to be born in SC community and Nani's asking people to eat grass after demolition of cowsheds. He condemned the Government for demolishing temples and mosques in the name of road extension.
He questioned how it was justifiable to conduct Hindu ritual of pushkarams while demolishing Hindu temples. He remarked that TDP leaders had no commitment towards anything they did and complained that the conduction of pushkarams was only to fill the yellow pockets. He assured that YSRCP would stay supportive of any struggle that would rise against the demolition of temples in the name of development.

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