Got votes by making believe people and later you deny

The YSR party raised its voice on the high prices of commodities. Fired on the governments inefficiency and failure to control the prices. Conducted protests in front of the Tehsil dar office demanding the immediate decrease of prices. In Visakhapatnam, the YSRCP leaders, exposed the regime of the TDP government by singing songs and beating drums. Bruised on the government for attacking the common man's life.

 The YSRCP leaders fired on Naidu for not fulfilling at least one promise made before coming to power and it is almost year and a half where nothing has been moved ahead. All the commodities, including vegetables, pulses, salts, rice, and other daily staple foods. Whatever you touch it is reaching the heights of sky. The YSRCP leaders questioned the government, " Is the common man not entitled to eat?". Guidivada Amarnath stated that, the struggle will not stop until the government decides and helps the prices of these commodities to come down. Vinaykumar mentioned that, as YS Jagan called for a strike, Naidu reduced promised about the price of 1 kg toor dal to be Rs. 150.  He commented that, "Is Naidu unaware of such things and until YS Jagan reminds about anything he doesn't want to do or not aware of those?"

The YSRCP women leaders reminded about the developments and facilities provided by YS Rajashekhar Reddy for the marginalized sections during his regime. They rebuked fire on Naidu and Lokesh stating that they both are moving forward by pushing the State back. There is a day, soon where Naidu would be enough exposed, stated the women leaders. They clearly specified that YSRCP will fight to control the prices. By looking at the increased prices, people are feeling to commit suicides. It is not fare on Naidu to betray the people while making them believe during votes. No one knew the proper reason for Babu's behavior. 

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