GOs issued to benefit TDP coterie

Sept 19, 2014: Pooh-poohing functioning of the Government for its lack of
transparency and accountability, YSR Congress has said the State has issued 77
GOs which are aimed at benefiting TDP coterie by amending the set norms.  

Naidu has set the tone for this trend at the Collectors Conference held at
Vijayawada during which he spoke like TDP President and not like the Chief
Minister of a State by signaling that the party cadre should be given priority.  

attacks on YSRCP workers were stepped up and now some GOs have come to light
which are in concord to his speech at the Collectors conference,” party
spokesperson Tammineni Sitaram told reporters here on Friday.  

The GO no
61 of Panchayat Raj and Roads and Buildings has increased the limit for
e-tenders from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakhs which is a clear indication that all
contracts would be split and staggered and will be given on nomination basis to
TDP leaders and the corporate mafia, he said.  

On the
other hand Fair Price Shops (FPS) are being closed down, anganwadi workers are
being sacked on the sole reason that they are sympathizers of YSRCP and the
same attitude is reflected in NREG Scheme and other Centre sponsored schemes.  

This has
been the summary of the 100-day rule of Chandrababu Naidu which is dotted with
nepotism, vindictiveness towards political adversaries and indifference towards
people’s welfare he said adding that YSR should be taken as a role model as he
looked beyond political and regional affiliations.  

asserted that YSRCP stands for freedom of press and slammed TDP leaders who
were pointing fingers. It is the tradition of TDP to boycott or ignore
selective media, he said.  

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