Gopal Reddy's Victory Is Certain

Kurnool: Srisailam constituency's incharge, Budda Seshareddy, confided in the victory of YSRCP's cadidate, Vennapoosa Gopal Reddy, contesting from graduate constituency of West Rayalaseema. He canvassed for Gopal Reddy in his constituency on Saturday. Speaking on this occasion, he reminded how Chandrababu had promised jobs and stipend to the unemployed before elections and showed how none of the promises had been realised in the past 3 years of his rule. He also opined that sanction of special category status would have ensured employment.
Seshareddy criticised Babu for mortgaging SCS, the right of 5.5 crore people of AP, at the centre for his selfishness and for oppressing the opposition that was fighting for its sanction to give better life to people.
Seshareddy also commented that Chandrababu was practising inethical politics by buying MLAs and MPTCs. He called for opting Gopal Reddy as the first preference and offering him grand victory.
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