GoM is like Simon Commission: YSRCP

, Oct 9, 2013: Likening
the Group of Ministers (GoM) to the Simon Commission, YSR Congress has demanded
the Centre to forthwith stop any further process of division of the State and
called upon all parties to join hands in the fight for a united state.

“We also
demand the state to convene a special session of Assembly to pass a resolution
to keep the State united. After that all Semandhra leaders should quit while
the Central ministers and MPs should also resign to create a constitutional
crisis which can stall the process,” party senior leader Konatala Ramakrshna
told reporters here on Wednesday.

Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s fast has entered the fifth day, his
sugar levels are falling down and doctors have strongly advised him to withdraw
the fast. Yet he has taken up the cause of the unite state and has appealed to
all parties to join hands in keeping the state united as the division is aimed
at short term political gains engineered by Congress and Sonia Gandhi to make
Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister.

They do
not have concern for the sentiments of the crores of people who are on strike
for the past 70 days and the process of division should be stopped only by creating
a constitutional crisis as told by our President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, he said.

As the
Seemandhra movement is no less than the freedom struggle, the seven-member GoM
has been proceeding with the task of dividing the state we have to oppose it as
the Simon Commission was combated, he said.

“We have
also represented the matter to the President who said that the GoM will address
to all the issues but instead the process of division is being expedited
without showing any solution to the problems we have highlighted,” he said.

Union Ministers and MPs are also speaking in an ambiguous manner and there is
no clarity whether or not they had laid down office. Some say their resignation
letters are with Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) while in the case of others it
seems that Sonia Gandhi has pacified them.

appeal to all leaders cutting across party lines to join the fight for a united
state. Chandrababu Naidu has taken with him his duality to
and has baffled top newscasters who
could not elicit his exact view point. If he spells out his stand with clarity
and withdraws his earlier letter which he has given supporting the division, he
too can join the struggle for a united state,” Ramakrishna said.

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