God Shall Not Forgive Babu

  • Babu's publicity is responsible for the fateful incidents in pushkarams
  • Government is responsible for the death of the students
  • Compensation of Rs.20 lakh should be given to every family
  • Babu is politicising politics: YS Jagan
Krishna District: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan commented that Chandrababu had been politicing pushkarams, causing harm to people's lives. He held the Government wholly responsible for the death of students during Krishna pushkarams. He stated that Chandrababu's sand mafia benefited him and his son but led to the death of the innocent students. After consoling the bereaved families of the students in Krishna district, he spoke to the media. He demanded the Government to offer Rs.20 lakh ex gratia to each of the bereaved families.

This is what he spoke.
  • The Government spread false rumours about the students going for swimming, while they only went their for the sacred pushkar bath.
  • Flexis were set up with TDP MLAs pictures, showing that was the route for Eturu pushkar ghat. How could the Government sidetrack the issue?
  • Nagesh's mother told me clearly that her son did not know swimming. Why is the Government lying?
  • Babu created huge publicity and spread the word that one would collect sin if one did not take the pushkar bath. Students went there to take bath. But due to excessive digging of sand in the area, they slipped into the pit. Who is responsible for this?
  • Being the CM of the state, he took portions of unlawful money and allowed excessive sand digging. That caused this fateful incident.
  • In spite of all the evidences, the Government is trying to escape accusation by saying the students went for swimming, much to the dismay of their mothers.
  • During Godavari pushkarams, 29 people lost their lives due to the shooting work held by Babu. Now he took the lives of the poor students.
  • Instead of providing the bereaved families with proper compensation, the Government, fearing YS Jagan's impending confrontation, gave them an amount as meagre as Rs. 3 lakh. It has not even reached them yet.
  • Each of the families should be given Rs.20 lakh compensation.
  • God shall not forgive Babu's evil acts.
  • Babu has turned pushkarams into an 'event' for political benefits and to satisfy his craze for publicity.
  • He has demolished tens of temples with bull dozers over night. Finally, endowments lands also have been swallowed by him. He sold away Sadavarthi lands of worth thousands of crores of rupees to his benamis.
  • Now finally he caused the death of these kids and is hesitating to give their families proper compensation.
  • Babu will certainly be punished shortly for his misdeeds.
  • Pressure has to be brought on Chandrababu. We have to stand by the side of the bereaved families. The media also has to cooperate.
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