Funds Are Up But Quality Is Down

  • TDP corruption to its core
  • Lack of quality in pushkar ghat work
  • Crores of rupees reaching wrong pockets

Guntur: Krishna pushkaram work is lacking quality.
Ghats are being constructed with sand and mud. Concrete is being used just for
namesake. It has seen light in YSRCP leaders’ research that TDP leaders are
swallowing crores of rupees of funds under the mask of contractors. Alla
Ramakrishna Reddy, Ambati Rambabu, Mopidevi Venkata Ramana, Marri Rajasekhar,
Manohar Naidu and other leaders observed pushkaram work going on. They slammed
the TDP Government on this occasion.

Robbery is the aim: RK

  • Krishna
    pushkarams’ work is being done in order to fill the pockets of Chandrababu, his
    son Lokesh, ministers and contractors.
  • The
    Government has assigned work to contractors and TDP people through nomination
    system but is not supervising the work anymore.
  • To
    complete the work within the time limit, the construction of ghats is being done
    by laying mere sand and formally applying some concrete over it.
  • Curing
    method that is to be followed in construction work is nowhere to be seen.
    Consolidation is not being done. As a result, the tiles laid are in the verge
    of being broken by the time of commencement of pushkarams.
  • The
    ongoing Krishna pushkarams’ work is leaving people to be concerned about
    repetition of fateful incidents like in Godavari pushkarams.
  • Seethanagaram
    pushkar ghat is visible from the CM’s residence. But Babu apparently does not
    have time to supervise the work happening right in front of his house.

Lack of quality and
robbery at the fullest: Marri Rajasekhar

  • Even
    40% of the work is not completed in spite of pushkarams fast approaching. How
    will the work be completed by the 30th?
  • There
    is no commitment towards the work of worth Rs.10 crore. Leaders and contractors
    are just swallowing all the money. No work seems to be for the devotees.

Yellow leaders competing
in corruption: Mopidevi

  • Robbery
    is happening in such a way that pushkarams are in fact not a hurdle for the
    yellow leaders’ corruption.
  • Babu
    has to reveal the secret behind releasing funds in the last minute in spite of
    knowing pushkarams were approaching.
  • TDP
    leaders are competing in corruption by each of them spending Rs.10 crore in
    place of Rs.1 crore.
  • Pushkar
    ghat work is live example of TDP’s corruption ongoing in the state.
  • TDP
    leaders, people’s representatives and officers seem to be brazen about their
    corruption from village level to state level.
  • Fury
    towards Babu is being exhibited at every doorstep.


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