Flights Abroad To Hoard The Loot

  • Intention behind secret trips?
  • Why go to Daos paying entry fees?
  • What has been achieved from foreign trips?
  • YSRCP's official spokesman Ambati Rambabu
Guntur: YSRCP's official spokesman, Ambati Rambabu, commented that AP CM Chandrababu had been going on frequent trips to foreign countries in order to save his loot from the state. Questioning how many investments Babu could earn from the 16 foreign visits until now, he demanded to let people know how much expenditure the trips had taken on the other hand.

Speaking to the media at Guntur, he informed that Chandrababu had paid Rs.3,22,000 entry fees to visit Daos recently and questioned why the visit was so important. Slamming the yellow media for falsely publicising that agreement had been made for power projects of Polavaram in that country, he reminded how the section of the media had always been giving publicity about his tours to Singapore, Russia, Japan, Switzerland, Daos and Srilanka. He remarked that no industry had, however, been brought to the state.

Ambati commented that the 16 foreign trips of Chandrababu till date had not earned even a paisa of investment for the state, but consumed crores of public money. He reminded how it had been bluffed after the partnership summit held in Visakhapatnam spending crores of rupees, that MoUs had been done with 361 companies and that Rs.4 lakh crore was pouring in.

The richest CM in India
Ambati reminded how Wikileaks had named Chandrababu as the richest CM in India, criticising that he was only using  his foreign trips to save the loot. Questioning how the CM of a state could make deals with other countries like the PM of the country, he demanded that Babu showed to people how many countries had stamped on his passport and how many investments he had brought for the state.
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