The First Cheat Of The State

  • Has Babu gone mentally unstable?!
  • No care for the suffering of the poor
  • Lakhs of crores swallowed
  • State destroyed due to TDP corruption
  • Speaking of ethics on the other hand
  • YSRCP's official spokesman Goutham Reddy
Vijayawada: Calling Chandrababu the first cheat of the state, YSRCP's official spokesman, Goutham Reddy, remarked that Chandrababu, Lokesh and their disciples, together had been destroying the state by robbing it. Reminding how a book had been printed about Chandrababu and co.'s corruption and copies distributed to all major political leaders of Delhi including the PM, he slammed the silence being maintained about the probe demanded on the issue. He demanded that CM Chandrababu had to order for inquiry on himself if he had any commitment to people.

In a media conference that took place in Vijayawada, Goutham Reddy slammed Chandrababu for his negligence towards public welfare and creating chaos in the state with his unstable speech. Condemning Babu's frequent mention of ethics while himself performing atrocious acts, he ridiculed the way Babu stated that there were no problems in the state on one occasion and that no problems of the state were being solved, on another.

Questioning if hours of speeches would solve problems, he suggested that Chandrababu should change his ways. Mentioning how the Government's incompetence had destroyed 3 lakh acres of croplands, Goutham Reddy expressed concern about the silence of the Government in the matter of construction of 14 lakh houses. He reminded that among the 45 lakh houses sanctioned in the past, 25 lakh had been completed, but no money had been paid for 19 lakh of them. He slammed the flight journeys of Chandrababu yto foreign countries while the poor people were sleeping under sheds, freezing due to chilly weather.

Goutham Reddy questioned about the Rs.350 crore sanctioned by the centre for 1,094, 000 houses and remarked that Babu liked to do inaguration for everything but hated to complete any project. He also criticised the double entendre of Babu in the matter of demonetisation.
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