Fight for special status


 Andhra Pradesh Chief
Minister succedded in getting  AP special status granted in many
 aspects like Liquor Mafia, Sand Mafia, Redsander smuggling but
failed failed in getting Andhra Pradesh special status from the center,
stated by YSRCP women wing president and MLA Roja, in Hyderabad.


CM Chandrababu and PM Naredra Modi promised to Andra Pradesh.
They are now in power but Special status to AP has not been granted.


Speaking further Roja added that Chandra Babu is being
submissive to the Modi government and has not been demanding for the Special
status which they promised the people of Andhra Pradesh before the elections in


Roja also stated that Chandrababu is compromising on special
status for AP as a mutual benefit tactic to get away from Cash for vote scam


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