Fight On Behalf Of People

  • YSRCP’s is fighting
    attitude, JC’s is escaping attitude
  • Handloom workers and
    farmers committed suicide due to TDP
  • People’s leader’s
  • Assurance to farmers’
  • Former MP Anantha
    Venkatremi Reddy

 Ananthapuram: YSRCP’s
General Secretary and former MP Anantha Venkatrami Reddy stated that the party
was fighting on behalf of people even after being defeated in the elections.
Speaking at the meeting arranged at yadiki of Ananthapuram as part of Rythu
Bharosa Yatra, he mentioned that the number suicides in the district had increased
after TDP had come to power. He ascribed the suicides to Chandrababu’s defiance
of his own promises.

Anantha reminded that YS Jagan had promised to console the
farmers’ and the handloom workers’ families in case the PM and the CM did not
respond and that he had kept his promise through the five phases of Rythu
Bharosa Yatra till date. He mentioned that people at all the villages were
expressing their displeasure towards the Government and were narrated their
experiences of being deceived by it.

Anantha stated that YS
Jagan had only expressed the agony of the people. He stated that YS Jagan had
come to the district to fill hope in farmers and assure them of his support. He
confided that the party would not fear threats from TDP. He stated that the
party would stay with the people whether in power or in opposition. He made it
clear that they did not need power or money or contracts. He mentioned that JC
Diwakar Reddy brothers had the history of running away to Bengaluru out of fear
for Paritala Ravindra.

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