Fight For Attaining Railway Zone

YRSCP is setting out for direct fight in view of achieving special railway zone
for Visakhapatnam. It is going forward in the direction of accomplishing the
railway zone that is like a navigator for the development of North Andhra.
YSRCP president of Visakhapatnam district Gudiwada Amarnath stated that
attainment of this special railway zone was very important for the generations
to come. He announced that the party had decided to hold an indefinite strike
from the 14th of April in view of achieving it.

Gudiwada Amarnath inaugurated the party
office arranged by YSRCP Seva Dal’s district president S.Vasu in Chinagantyada
of the 61st ward. He mentioned that the movements initiated by the leader
of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan for alleviation of people’s problems
were inspiring. He acclaimed YS Jagan for his commitment towards service and
specified that he had started to tour around the state immediately after the
assembly sessions were over.

An eye opener to the Governments

YSRCP’s state general secretary Golla Baburao
opined that the indefinite strike to be held by YSRCP for the special railway
zone would be an eye opener to the Governments. He remarked that the people of
the state were waiting for the downfall of the present Government. He
proclaimed that the strike to be initiated by Gudiwada Amarnath for the railway
zone would be a sensation in the history of the state. He appealed for people’s
support to this initiative. Baburao mentioned that it was certain for YSRCP to
win the upcoming GVMC elections.

YSRCP’s state official spokesman Koyya Prasada
Reddy spoke on this occasion. He commented that the people of Visakhapatnam had
been deceived at the time of the last three railway budget announcements. He
remarked that the TDP ministers and MLAs degraded to a level where they sold
movie tickets. He stated that they were robbing people by selling Rs.100-worth
tickets for Rs.1000.

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