Faults In Benami Act Need Correction

New Delhi: YSRCP MP YV Subbareddy appealed to the centre for correction of faults in the Benami Transaction (Prohibition) Act. He spoke during the discussion that happened in Lok Sabha on the bill proposed by the centre for amendments in the act. He mentioned that strict regulations had been made in the act to prevent benami transactions, yet in basic level, things were going on against them. In spite of all the laws, certain people were finding faults and  loopholes in those laws and exploiting them for their benefit, he exclaimed.
Subbareddy questioned the different levels of inquiry like inquiry commissions, judiciary and appealate tribunal, giving way to the people doing benami transactions. He suggested that the judiciary should offer only 1-2 ways to benami transactions. He added that they should be allowed to reach only the appealate authority and not beyond.

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