Farmers of this region are in distress: YS Jagan

The Andhra Pradesh Leader of Opposition and YSR Congress Party Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy began his public meeting in Rajolu in East Godavari district amid thunderous rounds of applause from people and party workers.

Thousands of people matched steps with the people's leader and accorded him a warm reception. Addressing a huge gathering, the YSRCP Chief thanked everyone who walked alongside him during the course of his padayatra today. "I fold both my hands and bow down my head in reverence to all of you who assembled here," he said.

On the way to Rajolu, “I spoke with a few farmers, who explained their sorry state in the last four years,” he said. The government did not establish any industries in Rajole, while the rice and coconut farmers never got the minimum support price (MSP), YS Jagan remarked. Farmers of this region are in distress, while the state of daily wage workers, who have migrated not only to other districts and but also to other countries, is even more pathetic, the leader said.

"Some farmers said to me that if Chandrababu comes back to power, we will not get water to our farms, and MSP will not be given," he said.

YS Jagan said that in every Rabi season, 10 villages, including Chintapalli, Kaikavolu and Krishnuni Palem do not have irrigation water.

The Chandrababu government has turned the agricultural sector into a profit-making business for the brokers, aligned to the TDP, he said. The crop prices fluctuate in favour of the TDP brokers, he added.

The opposition leader noted that the price of the coconut crop is meant to be Rs 1,500 per quintal, but the Chandrababu government is failing to give even Rs 1,200.

YS Jagan recalled that former Chief Minister, late Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy abolished the 4% tax on coconut, but Chandrababu took no action on the 5% GST that is being levied on coconut crop.

A stack of betel leaves is currently bought by the government at Rs 8 to Rs 10, while the MSP stands at Rs 35, he stated.

"In Rajole constituency, around 10,000 fishermen depend on farming shrimp and prawns. But Chandrababu did not even spare the aquatic farmers," YS Jagan said.

After I promised electricity for Rs 2 per unit to acquatic farmers, Chandrababu realized it and decided to reduce it, he said.
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