Farmers Of Rayalaseema In Crisis

  • Farmers suffering due to drought
  • Migrating to other areas for livelihood
  • Government being a silent spectator
  • YSRCP demands the Government to rescue farmers
YSR district: YSRCP farmers' wing president, MVS Nagireddy, commented that agricultural sector in Rayalaseema had been in severe crisis for the last three years. 155 mandals for 2014-15, 212 mandals in 2015-16 and 154 mandals in this year had been announced by the Government as drought areas, he reminded. Criticising that the Government had miserably failed in coming to the rescue of farmers, he reminded that it had been published in all newspapers that Rayalaseema had lost at least Rs.2,500 crore in agriculture sector.

Nagireddy spoke in the farmers' wing executive meeting held at district press club. Former minister and YSRCP's senior leader, YS Vivekananda Reddy and certain other farmers' wing leaders participated in the meeting.

Nagireddy criticised the Government for giving just Rs.50 crore and calling it quits. He mentioned how Kadapa, Ananthapuram, Chittoorand Kurnool were in severe crisis due to lack of rainfall. Remarking that lakhs of farmers were migrating to other places in search of livelihood, he slammed the Government for not offering compensation to anybody. Nagireddy demanded that the Government should finish water projects at high speed and pay the pending input subsidy to all farmers.

Mentioning how people were facing hardship due to the cancellation of Rs.500 and Rs.1000, he requested for the gold and the money saved in the banks by farmers to be given back to them. Saying that the Government was responsible for coming to the aid of the farmers, he demanded for immediate measures in that direction.

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