Farmers At Loss Should Be Assisted

Guntur: YSRCP leader Lella Appireddy mentioned that the farmers of AP had been suffering with emotional agitation like never before. Speaking to the media at Guntur, he remarked that the banks of lakes could not stand the force of the flooding water due to earlier digging of soil from the ayacuts as part of Neeru-Chettu programme and added that the crop fields had been drowned and taken away by flood water causing losses to the farmer ultimately.
Mentioning that the loss suffered per acre had been Rs.15,000, he stated that the farmers would have to face more losses when they would have to spend more to clear the sand deposited in their crop fields. He slammed the Government for showing indifference towards its responsibility of staying supportive of the farmers. YSRCP is demanding for assistance to all farmers without exhibition of political favouritism.

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