Farmers Furious At Bojjala's Statements

Chittoor: TDP's shady attitude towards farmers has again been exposed. The minister of environment and forests of AP, Bojjala Gopalakrishna Reddy's comment about lazy farmers cultivating rice have hurt the feelings of farmers. Farmers' organisations, people's organisations and opposition party leaders are condemning his looking down on farmers who feed everybody. The minister made these comments during the meeting that happened at Chittoor district collectorate with agricultural and additional departments' officials.
Chandrababu had earlier called agriculture a waste of time, thereby insulting AP that is famous for production of food. The love TDP has for the farmers is evident from their statements. While farmers are committing suicide due to their loans not being waived, their produce not getting fair price and lack of assistance from the Government, it is not only staying indifferent to their problems but also pulling them on to the roads by snatching their lands.
Farmers' associations annoyed by the statements being made by TDP leaders are remarking that they will show the poer of farmers in the next elections. They are cautioned TDP to be ready to disappear from the state.

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