Farmers Assurance Yatra by YS Jagan

Anantapur: YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan Mohan
Reddy's is on the third phase of 'Raithu Bharosa Yatra' (Farmers Assurance tour)
to console the families of farmers who have committed suicide in this state. Chandrababu
Naidu Government, is simply bluffing in the assembly that all the farmers are
living happily and they are not having problems. The leader of opposition, YS
Jagan Mohan Reddy put forward in the Assembly that farmers are facing problems
and committing suicide.  He also challenged Chandrababu Naidu that if he
can come along with him, he can show the families of farmers who are committing
suicide. As promised before, Jagan visited the families of farmers who
committed suicide in the Anantapur district and consoled them and brought the
issue to the notice in Assembly. Because of this, finally the ruling party came
down and issued indemnity to the families of farmers and they do not really
want to resolve the problems of farmers.

Till now YS Jagan went on the 'Raithu Bharosa
Yatra' for two times and this is the third phase of Yatra taking place in
Anantapur district. He will start the Yatra from Setturu of Kalyana Durgam
Constituency on Tuesday. There he will speak to the family of a party worker.
On Wednesday, he will console the family of a farmer in Kerevu village. Later,
he will assure the families of farmers of Vorli village  and Mudigallu
village of Kalyanadurgam Mandal. Further, on Thursday, he will continue the
Farmers assurance yatra in Vanta Reddy Palem, and Timmapuram, Kambaduru Mandal
in Kalyanadurgam Consituency to assure the farmers.

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