Family seeks YS Jagan's help in getting father's body back

Jyothi of Komaneturu in Nellore’s Sydapuram wants to see her father one last time and then perform his last rites. Her father Adhipathi went for work in Saudi in 2016 and died there on January 11 this year due to a massive cardiac stroke. The body is lying in Saudi and Jyothi’s family cannot afford to bring the body back to India so that they can have one last look and then perform his last rites.

Her father’s employer is demanding Rs 2 lakh to send the body and for Jyothi’s family, that amount is a fortune. Now, Jyothi is running from pillar to post to get her father’s body back. 

The State Government has simply washed its hands off saying it has nothing to do with it. Left with no option, the girl has met YS Jagan on Tuesday and narrated her tale of woe. She and her family members poured their hearts out to YS Jagan who is on Praja Sankapla Yatra in the area.
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