Fake News and False Propaganda by TDP as usual

USA, May 8: YSRCP USA committee strongly condemns the false propaganda by TDP sympathizers and its affiliated media houses especially Andhra Jyothy. We as US NRI wing of the party have not caused hindrance to any of the CM events nor have anything to do with the fictitious emails being circulated by Andhra Jyothy. It is increasingly becoming clear that the whole fiasco behind the Dallas event was a direct result of the internal squabbles within the TDP in the US. The TDP has used the media at their disposal to divert people’s attention from the utter failure of Mr. Chandrababu Naidu’s visit to the States.

This sort of false propaganda is not new to TDP and to close associates of CBN here in the US. We have been fighting such forces since the days of our great leader Late Dr. YSR.  If TDP thinks that by repeatedly propagating fabricated news, they can divert people’s focus from CBN’s failures then they are completely mistaken.  We are steadfast when it comes to defending our leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy garu and our party. We have protested against the unjust rule of CBN in many forums here and have also taken to the streets in the past. Though living thousands of miles away from the state of AP our hearts and minds are always full of thoughts for the farmers, students and women facing atrocities under the TDP rule.

Love for our mother land has taught us to be dignified always where ever we are in the world. We would have been happy if the CM had made real effort in getting investments for the state of Andhra Pradesh and we would in no way cause hindrance to the development of the state. But things turned out to be contrary to that. His visit only turned out to be a circus with his followers indulging in mudslinging on each other which later led to police interference in the CM’s event. It would be advisable if TDP would first set their house in order rather than blaming opposition for their failure.

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