Extravagancy and Exhibition but no supportive response

YSR District: The YSR District public is facing severe problems with continuous rains since 20 days, said YSRCP MLA Amjed Basha. The Chief Minister and the District In-charge minister are roaming around in helicopter and taking photographs but did not even bother to enquire the problems of the public. The Government has failed to rescue and help the people who lost houses and crops. In several villages the land is sinking down and the people are worried but the Government is not reacting to the situation.

Amjad Basha said that the Government is more focused in extravaganza and exhibition; there is no seriousness to help the people. The TDP is cheating the people by doing the Jana Chaitanya Yatra’s without fulfilling any of the election promises. Basha questioned, if the Government in its tenure of 18 months has implemented any social welfare scheme or at least tried to understand the public grievances. He mentioned that the farmers situation is very devastating with the crops ready to harvest were damaged due to heavy rains. The crop was not harvested and harvested crop does not have support prices and crop loan was not waived off, with these grave problems the farmer is committing suicides. Basha demanded that the Government should immediately help the public.

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