Extract the previous records

  • Ruling party misleads the legislative assembly
  • YSR used to hold sessions till nightfall to enable opposition to speak
  • Assembly: YSRCP Deputy Floor Leader Jyothula Nehru slammed the ruling party leaders for announcing in BAC meeting that the discussion on thanking the Governor’s speech during assembly sessions would happen for two days and now changing their words. He specified that an agenda paper also was given regarding this in the BAC meeting. Jyothula questioned why the ruling party was trying to mislead the assembly. He suggested that they had to calmly talk if time had to be adjusted. But instead of that, TDP was delivering false comments, stated Jyothula. He said that it was offensive of the TDP leaders to bring the topics not mentioned in the BAC into discussion.

    YSRCP senior MLA Peddireddy Ramachandrareddy condemned the comments of TDP leader Dhulipalla Narendra that late Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy used to wind up the sessions by 1:30 pm. He mentioned that the sessions used to be continued by YSR till 9:30 pm to enable the opposition party leaders to speak. He challenged the TDP leaders to extract records of previous sessions to see how many times the session took place in the afternoon and how many times in the year sessions happened.

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