Everything is by Foreign

With Strategy and show off, foundation is initiated  for the Capital

Rs, 50 Crores is the estimated cost for the facilities and campaign

CRDA discussions on Global tenders

Vijayawada: The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister is busy in initiating the high campaign about the Capital, keeping aside the problems faced by people. He came to power by saying that the State is facing challenges with the budget deficit since he came to power, however, he is pouring Crores of rupees for each event of his choice. Naidu gave the Capital formation responsibility to Foreign companies and the preparations for the foundation program are given to the private agencies. People are commenting on the way Babu is spending 50 Crores of rupees for the sake of campaigns regarding the capital foundation.

Cost for laying the foundation state is exceeding the limits

October 22: It is well known that the right auspicious time has been decided to set the foundation stone for the Capital. As a part of this program, Prime Minisger Narendra Modi and Singapore Prime Minister, the Minister for Commerce in Japan  are expected to attend the program. Doing all such Hungama Babu is trying to pose before the foreign countries. He is trying to manage the program of laying foundation stone event in an international level. As a part of this, Global tenders were called and consultations are under process while considering the experience. Negotiations are under process began consultations with experienced companies. International-level event management companies negotiated.

Misuse of public funds ..!

In the name of Seed capital 50 acres of land is occupied for the event of laying foundation stone which is making Babu's show put up once gain. The campaign for laying foundation stone is about to start from October 1st. For that purpose, Magazines, TV, social media would be considered as the means for advertising.  Moreover, if necessary, audio and videos will be launched in Hyderabad, Vijayawada to Delhi. With the misuse of the public funds, people and the opposition parties are stabbing the ruling party. Instead of spending Crores of rupees for the sake of foundation, it would be good if the money is spent wisely for the development and benefit of people is indicated by the people and opposition parties.  

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