Everything is done by Babu

It is slowly been proved that the whole responsibility for the
stampeded during Pushkaras is only due to Chandrababu Naidu. To get the whole
credit in the Nation, they tied up with the National Geographic Channel in
Chennai. It is  declared by media Advisor, 
Parakala Prabhakar. The responsibility to direct this short film, is given to
the director, Boyapati Srinu. It was clearly found that, to show the devotees
well, they stopped the devotees for 2 -3 hours and opened the gate at once. Due
to this, a stampede happened and almost 30 innocent devotees lost their lives.
If this is one part of the story, later other story came into
picture,  and the news spread that the stampede occurred, when Babu
was still in the ghat.  

A police officer said that the information about the stampede
and the victims were brought to Chandrababu's notice, that firstly, 4 and later
11 members lost their lives in the stampede. This proves that Babu stayed there
for some time and slowly left the place in order to be on safe side. Though the
evil deed is done by Babu, he is trying to push the responsibility of this
stampede on others. Further, he is saying that he will take right action on
this incident. While creating a high drama that if the authorities are
supporting him, they are considered and its fine for him, however, if those
people in the authorities are not supporting his drama, simply they are blamed
for the incident. So, whatever is happening is only due to Chandrababu Naidu.

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