Everyone talking on Assembly video clips:

Hyderabad: The chief minister Chandra babu Naidu, is projecting and using Assembly as a tool in order to throw mud on the Leader of Opposition, YS Jagan for his selfishness. Due to this, for many situations around assembly administration, Assembly is standing as the focal point which is a pitiful situation.

Some of the videos where the opposition members were stating their issues to the speaker were out however, these videos are taken in a negative act like the opposition leaders were interrupting the talks. These videos were released by the Government Chief Whip Srinivasulu, who was formerly a senior journalist  and later on moved to politics and been a part of it for many years and the way he behaved with the Assembly has marked interest to many and became a hot topic for discussion. Further, he also mentioned that he is releasing the videos with the permission of the speaker, Kodela Siva Prasad.

But, later the other day, speaker, Kodela mentioned to media that he does not have any relationship with the clippings released. He also stated that he would attempt to obtain the person who is behind this video release and within no time he also stated that the Chief Whip is not involved in this. Stating this the speaker dismissed the issue.

But if the videos were released as is anyone could know the actual things happening in the Assembly. What's the intention of editing the videos and releasing? The facts would have been made clear if the entire proceedings were out instead of the edited part of videos. This could prove the way the ruling party is behaving in the assembly and the tone they are using while talking. No one could rightly see the intention of releasing the edited videos.

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