Evasion Of Yellow Government

  • Government’s
    lies with assembly as witness
  • Time
    passed with counterattacks
  • Objectionable
    behaviour of the Government in all sectors

Ramakrishna Reddy commented that the Government’s ministers and CM Chandrababu
had resorted to personal abuse to cover their inability to answer questions put
by the opposition leaders about people’s problems. He criticized the Government
for evading with the help of voice voting system, not being able to face the
opposition. He spoke in a media conference at Mangalagiri of Guntur district.
He opined that the Government’s behaviour in the assembly would remain as a
black mark in the history of the state. He remarked that it was shameful of the
Chief Minister and the other ministers to lie in the assembly. RK mentioned
that the Government had committed misdeeds in view of protecting the defectors
due to their fear of losing possible by-elections resulted by their

Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy tenure, not one rupee had been raised in electricity
charges, stated Alla Ramakrishna Reddy. He added that the people of the state
were observing the deception of the Government and were ready to teach a lesson
when time came. He criticized Chandrababu for raising RTC bus charges and power
charges within the two years of his rule and affecting the lives of the poor.

pointed out that if Chandrababu’s 9-year rule repeated, drought, burden of
electricity charges and weight of taxes would be situated and the people would
not be benefited in any way. He stated that Babu’s deceptive face was proven
again by the hike in power charges.

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