Dussasana’ rule in AP

AP has become grandfather of Bihar

Public will give their judgement to
Chandrababu with a slap

Hyderabad: The YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy enraged on the Government said that Chandrababu is encouraging mafia in AP and is ruling like ‘Dussasana’. The current situation in Andhra Pradesh is
much worse than Bihar in the past, he said. He mentioned that instead of
protecting the women and punishing his own men Chandrababu is trying to frame
the opposition. Speaking to the Media at Assembly Media Point, Chevireddy said
that the TDP is lucky that there are no elections now otherwise they would have
seen the judgment of the public which would have been a big blow on the party’s
existence. He said that the public are fearing that the anarchic and corrupt
ruling of Chandrababu for nine years in the past would again repeat.

Chevireddy said that the convict MLA’s were
sent abroad. The Intelligence
is taking photographs with the convicts. A convict has fallen on Chnadrababu’s
feet. All this makes it very clear that Chandrababu is intentionally trying to
spare the convicts and dilute the case. Chevireddy said that TDP is under an
illusion that they can do anything by having the power and media with them but
the public will definitely give their harsh judgment. He said that it is quite
brutal that the Government is not willing to talk about a scandal in which
innocent women were physically and mentally tortured. He expressed anguish that
there is no freedom to talk in the Assembly.

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