Don't You Care About Withering Crops?

Ananthapuram: YSRCP MLA Y.Visweswar Reddy complained that injustice had been done to the upper canal of Tungabhadra. After examining the Guntakal branch canal in Ananthapuram district, he spoke to the media and criticised that the Government was staying indifferent to the withering crops. He demanded the Government to rescue the crops by diverting Handri-Neeva water to the upper canal of Tungabhadra.

YSRCP's constituency coordinator of Raptadu, Topudurthi Prakash Reddy, stated that around 3000 TMC of water was joining the sea every year from Krishna and Godavari rivers and suggested that the drought problem in Ananthapuram could be avoided just by giving 100 TMC of water to the district. He demanded the Government to provide the water through Handri-Neeva project.

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