A Dog Would Be More Faithful Than Babu

Kurnool: Chandrababu was commenting that the students were being destroyed as they were fighting for the special category status, while his MLAs were physically assaulting MROs, the sons of his ministers were abusing women on streets bluffing about obstruction by dogs when caught and his son Lokesh was enjoying with girls in foreign countries in an intoxicated state, ridiculed YS Jagan.

Speaking at Yuvabheri programme held at Kurnool, he remarked that Chandrababu lacked the faithfulness that at least a do would have. During the programme, Sudha Rani, an MBA student, worriedly opined that Chandrababu had gotten into power with their votes and had later backstabbed them. In response to this, YS Jagan stated that he would hope Chandrababu came to senses at least after listening to her remarks.

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