Do you have any moral right to bow to the steps of Parliament?

King Hotel Centre, Guntur ( East): During the course of my Padayatra this morning, amidst thousands of people accompanying me, a differently-abled girl, Chukka Prameela, met me. She has completed the ANM course. “Anna, in 2016 a notification was issued regarding our jobs and interviews were also conducted. I was told that I had been selected. I was in fact, even informed about the health centre where I was supposed to work, Krosuru. But I still haven’t got my job. I am left only with despair.” She spoke with a lot of pain and anguish, and also said that there were 34 others like her, who were left stranded after the entire process had been completed.
To create false hopes saying that jobs would be given and to issue a notification expressly with such an intention, is nothing short of rank deception. These unfortunate applicants can neither apply for another job, nor is this job coming their way, as expected! Precious time is lost. A question that comes to me is— what right do the rulers have to toy with the lives of people like Pramila who have pinned their hopes on the prospects of a job?
My father, the late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy, had introduced the fee reimbursement scheme so that millions of students could benefit from it. The idea was that students drawn from the most deprived segments of society should have access to higher education and should not be denied opportunities and avenues to good institutions only because of their penury. The tardy, indifferent pace at which this pioneering scheme was now being implemented by the TDP government came to light today during the course of my interaction with representatives of the Association of Private Engineering Colleges of Guntur District. Arrears of 2016–17 and 2017–18 remain to be paid. The college fees continue to go up every year, but the reimbursement is not done. As a result, students continue to suffer. How can students coming from impoverished backgrounds afford to pursue higher education in such circumstances? If they have to complete their education, they invariably fall into a debt trap.
Parents too come under a lot of pressure because the fee reimbursement does not take place on time. Many students have been resorting to taking their own lives, driven by despair. Many others continue to drop out of their courses, out of sheer helplessness. Yet, these insensitive rulers are preoccupied with amassing money illegally. At the same time, colleges are being threatened with disaffiliation if they do not pay money due to the universities on time. Is it fair on the part of the government to deny fee reimbursement to students and issue notices seeking immediate payment to colleges, warning them of disaffiliation?
It was amusing to see Chandrababu Naidu bowing down to the steps of the Parliament making a photo op of the event. It was clear that he was putting on a show posing for the benefit of cameramen. For a man who has scant respect for the Constitution, who has never shown any kind of sincerity in adhering to political values, who has spoken lies on the floor of the assembly, who has nothing but disregard for the Parliamentary system, to bow before the Parliament is akin to the devil preaching scriptures!

I have a question for the chief minister—did you not brazenly buy MLAs with black money and even accommodate some of them as ministers in your cabinet? Do you have the moral right to bow to the steps of the parliament after having flouted the fundamental principles of democracy?
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