District Leaders Join YSRCP

Karimnagar: The people of the state were worshiping former CM and legendary leader Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy in their hearts, remarked TYSRCP state general secretary Siva Kumar. He slammed KCR's Government for limiting itself to publicity. Except the slogan of 'Bangaru Telangana', KCR had done actually nothing to develop Telangana state, he criticised. He attended the inauguration of new party office of TYSRCP in Karimnagar district as the chief guest. On this occasion, leaders of various parties from the district joined TYSRCP. Siva Kumar invited them into the party by decorating them with party scarves.
Later, speaking to the media, he reminded that YS Jagan had founded YSRCP with an intention to bring back the golden rule of YSR. He stated that the party fought for the alleviation of problems faced by people in the state. He called for every activist to keep YSR's ideals and principles in mind and work for the consolidation of the party, under the leadership of YS Jagan.

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