Discrimination Against Opposition MLAs

Chittoor: YSRCP MLA
Dr.Desai Tippareddy complained that Chandrababu had been showing bias against
the MLAs of opposition party and had not been sanctioning funds to them. He
spoke in the media conference at local YSRCP office. He explained that he had
raised voice in the assembly regarding the problems of Madanapalle
constituency. He stated that he had particularly revealed the irregularities in
the municipality and sanitation departments, as reported by CAG. He added that
he had discussed the health and drinking water problems of the constituency. He
indicated thathe had taken to the notice of the Government the need for extra
infrastructure for Government women’s degree and junior colleges and appealed
for turning BT colleges into university.

Desai Tippareddy intimated that he had requested
for fast completion of Handri-Neeva canal work and fastening of summer storage
work. He also stated that in the break time, he had approached the ministers
with complete reports to discuss issues like agriculture market, modelization,
ambulance for Government hospital and improvement of the hospital into a
200-bed hospital.

Tippareddy had principally stated that CAG
had exposed the officials’ failure in supplying drinking water as per
population in the municipality of Madanapalle. He informed that he had spoken
to ministers for establishment of under-drainage system. Leaders like Desai
Jayadeva Reddy, sarpanch Sarat Reddy, Ambedkar Chandrasekhar, BC leaders Pal
Balaji and Balakrishna Reddy participated in this conference.

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