Directions to the Members of YSRCP

Hyderabad: YSR Congress
Party Telangana wing’s president Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy gave directions to
the members of the party. He offered his suggestions regarding putting efforts
to take the party forward, mentioning the results of corporation elections. A
review meeting was held in Khammam. General Secretary of the party’s district
wing and co-ordinator of corporation elections Lingala Kamalraj presided this
meeting and thanked the people of Khammam for giving them the victory in
certain divisions.

During his speech, Ponguleti gave inspiration to the leaders and
activists of YSRCP saying that every defeat would be followed by a victory. He
called for putting efforts for the welfare of the people and fight for the
alleviation of their problems. He criticized TRS for bluffing people with
impossible promises and for threatening people that welfare schemes would be
withdrawn if they did not vote for TRS. He called for continuing to work hard
in view of getting the made promises realized.

The party’s president and MLA Payam Venkateswarlu stated that win and
loss are natural in elections. Corporators of divisions 4 and 32 Saluvadi
Venkayya and Dorlepalli Swetha, state’s general secretary of the party Dr.Matta
Dayanand, general secretary Ailuri Venkateswara Reddy, official representative
Akula Murthy, joint secretaries Sharmila Sampat, Sutagani Jaipal, district
official representatives Mudireddy Niranjan Reddy and Gunda Venkata Reddy,
In-charges of Paleru and Vaira constituencies Sadhu Ramesh Reddy and Borra
Rajasekhar, members of the district’s monitoring committee Bima Sridhar,
Kongara Jyotirmayi, Vantikommu Srinivas Reddy, district president of Youth,
woman, BC cell Md.Mustafa, Keesara Padmaja Reddy, Gumma Rosaiah took part in
the meeting among others.

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