Digital Media is the Special attraction:

Visakhapatnam: Digital Media became the special attraction in the Yuvabheri. YSRCP made the digital media available for students at the Yuvabheri congress. Digital media is striving to motivate the students towards digital technology. As a part of the program stalls were set up to motivate the students about digital technology importance in the Yuvabheri. Web site, e-paper, Face Book, Twitter, and all other details have been provided in the form of printing cards and distributed to students. Power Point presentation is given by the LCD. Students were given awareness by the Banners and posters set up in the stall. Party message was well accepted by students.

 In today's age of digital media, students have welcomed and praised the way the party is awakening the students. They mentioned that information relating to Special status can be known from time to time with this.  Students who visited the Yuvabheri mentioned that they regularly follow the speech of YS Jagan communicated to media in Yuvabheri. YS Jagan speech has profound influence on students. They stated that digital media will facilitate to combat the problems.

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