Dharna Against Unjust Arrest

Guntur: YSRCP leaders staged a dharna in front of police station in Piduguralla. They protested against the unjust arrest of YSRCP's BC wing general secretary Pundurthi Guravachary and harassing him without even presenting him in the court. Since two weeks of his arrest, his whereabouts are unknown. Guruvachary had earlier filed a PIL against MLA Yarapathineni for unlawful mining in Gurajala. YSRCP's state general secretary Janga Krishnamurthy led this dharna. Former MLC Krishnareddy and a few other YSRCP leaders participated in it.

ఇదే వార్తాంశం తెలుగులో: http://bit.ly/1YraLKH 

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