Desperate Cries for Special Status

Life Sacrifices for Special Status
Severe Anguish in Youth
No Response from Government

Hyderabad: Everyone assumed that their lives will be happy if Special Status is granted but, with Chandrababu’s actions the hope of getting Special Status is fading away and the youth are getting extremely disappointed and discouraged.

Life Sacrifices for Special Status

There is not much reaction seen in Ruling Party Telugu Desam even after witnessing the serious struggle of Opposition Party Leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy for Special Status. But reacting to the situation depressed youth is committing suicides. In Tirupati Munikoti, in Nellore district from Vedayapalem Village Lakshmaiah committed suicide by hanging himself, in West Godavari District from Chintalapudi village Rajsekhar and from same district Prasad belonging to Kaikavaram Village attempted for suicide and was rescued and admitted to hospital.

Severe Anguish in the Youth

The state has lost severely due to adamant separation of states. When Chandrababu came to power it got confirmed that no more government jobs will be announced and this was even proven in his previous tenure. The only hope of getting private jobs is when new industries and offices were set up in the state, if Special Status was announced. But the hope is fading away very quickly. This is leaving the youth in dire consequences.

 Opposition is the only hope

There is no response form the government even after all these suicides of youth and protests by opposition parties. As a responsible opposition party YSRCP is continuously fighting for Special Status. The party is standing in favor of the public from time to time. The Opposition Party Leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy is assuring the youth not to lose courage, requesting them not to lose hope and not to commit suicides. He is assuring that Special Status can be achieved by protests and struggle.

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