Deserving Beneficiaries Should Be Justly Served

Nellore: YSR Congress Parliamentary Party leader and MP of Nellore, Mekapati
Rajamohan Reddy opined that the deserving candidates should receive the benefit
of the welfare schemes of the central Government. He spoke in the Vigilance and
Monitoring Committee meeting held at the local Golden Jubilee Hall. Mekapati
complained that the deserving people were missing the benefit of the welfare
schemes funded by the Central Government. He stated that he would discuss in
the parliament a way that the schemes reach the people avoiding the involvement
of Janmabhoomi committees.

Mekapati suggested that the officials impartially saw that pensions and
other schemes reached people. He expressed his displeasure towards the contempt
of protocol happening about the welfare schemes in the districts, resulting in
insult of people’s representatives and condemned the officials responsible. He
criticised the absence of his name on the memorial stone of an event where he
had been invited.

YSRCP MLAs Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy, Ramireddy Pratap Reddy and Kiliveti
Sanjeevaiah participated in this meeting among others.

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