Depleted way of Government rule in AP

Hyderabad: Former Minister Dharmana Prasad Rao
commented that the present Government run by Chandrababu is day by day
depleting and it is visible in the way situations are dealt. He spoke to media
in the Party office. He protested the way the Cabinet has made wrong statements
on Tahsildar Vanajakshi where the woman was against the sand mafia abiding to
the rules framed by the Government. How could her action be wrong? How can the
decision be made without any basic enquiry? Questioned Dharmana. The way the
State is ruled by Chandrababu Government is day by day depleting and coming
down to a worst situation. When Babu says he is experienced, then is this the
way he deal with the sincere and humble Government officials and rule the State
as he wishes? Dharmana Commented.

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