Demolition Of Temples Hurting Sentiments

  • Babu's deeds to harm the state
  • Devotees' sentiments being hurt by Babu
  • People furious about demolition of temples

Vijayawada: TDP's behaviour is not only degrading Hindu tradition but also hurting the feelings of devotees. Temples are being demolished in the name of development in light of the upcoming pushkarams. People are at disgust regarding Chandrababu's activities but he is continuing to stay indifferent to the feelings of the people. Religious structures around the city are being demolished.

Working mainly during the night time, the Government has already demolished more than 30 temples. Most recently the Sankara matam behind the cowshed of Goddess Durga's temple has disappeared. Among the temples demolished were those of Gayatri Devi, Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman. The discourse halls in the first floor were pulled down and time was given before pulling down the temples in the ground floor.

TDP government is insulting all religious sentiments by pulling down mosques along with temples. Statues Of Gods are been thrown on to the road and in the sewer. On Wednesday night, Syed Shah Khadri dargah at the beginning of Arjun road on the way to Durga temple was destroyed. Muslims are at disgust with the dargah being pulled down even before its inauguration after getting renovated.

While robbing crores of rupees of funds in the name of conduction of Krishna pushkarams on one hand, the Government is demolishing temples on the other hand, much to the fury of devotees. They are worried about Chandrababu's evil deeds causing their harm.

The destruction continues
Heads of monasteries held a huge conference in Vijayawada protesting against the demolition of 30 temples. Then the government promised to discuss with the heads and the officials of the temples before taking decision on pulling them down. A committee was formed to take care of reconstruction of the demolished temples. Inspite of all this the government is continuing to pull down temples and mosques. Frustrated by this double entendre of the Government, people are cautioning about its downfall soon to happen.

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