Demand for disqualification of the 8 defected MLAs

  • The speaker should be impartial.
  • The 8 of them should be disqualified.
  • Only then will the democratic values be saved.
  • The speaker’s decision should teach Babu a lesson: Jyothula Nehru
  • Hyderabad: YSRCP MLAs met the speaker in the assembly’s committee hall. YSRC deputy leader in the Assembly Jyothula Nehru announced that they had appealed to the speaker that the 8 defected MLAs should be immediately disqualified. He condemned their unethical migration to TDP in spite of contesting and winning elections from YSRCP. He mentioned that they handed over notice to the speaker with all the relevant prrofs, requesting him to take action according to the Anti-Defection Bill of 10th schedule in the constitution. Jyothula informed the media that the speaker had promised to take action following regulations.

    MLAs demanded the speaker to keenly examine and impartially announce the 8 defected MLAs disqualified. Jyothula added that the people’s real feelings would be known only if the MLAs were disqualified and faced elections. He also stated that the No Confidence Motion against the Government would be passed and that passing it against the speaker was still under discussion. He added that the speaker may not face the motion if he acted in favour of the notice they had submitted.

    Jyothula specified that disqualification of the 8 MLAs who had migrated to TDP was requested. He expressed his hope that the speaker’s action in favour of saving democratic values would be an eye-opener for Babu who always boasted about his ethical politics.

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