Delaying Kapu Reservation

Chandrababu….stop crooked talks!

Commission is for delaying

Mudragada’s letter to Chandrababu

The Ex-Minister Mudragada Padmanabham enraged on Chandrababu and
advised him to stop talking crookedly. In his letter to Chandrababu,
Mudragada demanded to immediately include ‘Kapus’ in BC category if he
has any sincerity and advised him not to waste time in the name of
Commission. He mentioned that Chandrababu announced that he will allot
5000 crores in five years with 1000 crores a year respectively for the
welfare of the community but is cheating the Kapu community. He said
that the Kapu community will get ready for a protest on the Government.

questioned, if the government has any sincerity to fulfill its
promises. In the name of Commissions and GO’s the Government is simply
delaying the task and it takes several years for the report to come from
the Commission. He advised the Government that all the population
details are readily available and suggested that within one month Kapu’s
can be included in BC category. He added that their protest was for the
welfare of the poor in Kapu community. Mudragada questioned Chnadrababu
if he doesn’t know who is the inspiration for his protest on behalf of
the Kapu Community and reminded that he fought before with Chandrababu’s
support and solidarity.

his letter, Mudragada mentioned that Chandrababu promised to provide
reservation to Kapu Community within six months of coming to power but
even after 18 months he was delaying in the name of commission. The
government which decided to form a commission to analyze the matter of
including Kapu’s in backward classes has fixed a timeframe of nine
months to submit a report,  to intentionally delay the process.
Mudragada warned the Government that if it further delays the matter, a
future course of action will be decided in the coming meeting at Tuni.

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